Project '67

Engine Compartment and Related

At this point we started getting the truck ready to drive. The first area we decided to attack was finishing the brakes. The original brake lines from the master cylinder to the prop valve were used and fit just fine. One adapter was used on the prop valve. The entire system was bled and good brakes were achived. We did have some problems bleeding the brakes as the front calipers were mounted incorrectly. They were swapped side to side and will not bleed. Be careful when performing the disc brake swap as my right caliper (pass side) does have an 'L' cast into it. It obviously doesn't mean 'Left'!

Next we concentrated on getting the engine running. New wires, plugs, cap, coil, and rotor were installed. The carb was rebuilt and mounted using a one inch spacer. The exhast manifolds were blasted, painted, and installed. The radiator, condenser, and tranny oil cooler were installed. Heater hoses and radiator hoses were put in. The battery, cables, and starter were mounted. The truck was loaded on the trailer and the muffler shop put a whole new set of dual exhaust on it. A gas line and PCV system were routed. The shift cable was installed. The tranny TV cable was installed along with a pressure gauge mounted on the firewall. The alternator, power steering pump and hoses, and AC compressor were mounted. Finally, we hit the key and it fired immediately. The truck was timed and the carb set. It runs great!

There are a few things about the transmission setup that are important. The TV cable must be setup properly before driving the truck. Without tranny pressure, the unit will fail. This requires a special spacer from Ford and a pressure gauge. Also, to install the sgift cable I had the turn the shift lever on the tranny 180 degrees. On most transmissions this is easy. But on the AOD the whole valve body must be dropped to turn the lever around. Also, the AOD uses an integrated neutral safety switch and reverse lights switch. The switch is located directly above the shift lever. You will have to test the switch to see which peg is which. The speedo cable mounts exactly as the original. Hopefully it will read correctly!