Project '67

The Teardown

We have started the teardown phase of the 67 rebuild. This can be done in many ways but we are going to start at the front and work our way to the back. The goal at this point is to get down to the chassis so it can be completely tore down. Then the frame and chassis parts can be sent to the sand blaster. Having help during this phase is a good idea. I'm not completely taking every little thing apart at this time. Most stuff will be removed as assembles and rebuilt just before assembly. This way I might remember how they go back together!

At this point the front clip and engine have been removed. The cab is loose and ready to be lifted off. I'm leaving the bed on until last because I want to fit the new gas tank after the cab is removed. I'll add pics and comments as we go. Teardown is pretty boring and self explanitory. Just start unbolting!

Now the cab is removed. The gas tank has been fitted and the filler hole marked on the bed side. The bed has also been removed. All that is left now is tearing down the chassis itself.

Ok, I pulled all the parts off of the frame leaving just the bare frame. I also unbolted the front suspension for blasting. Luckily, my king pins came out VERY easily. The hardest part turned out to be pulling the radius arms out of thier rear bushings. Had to light them on fire and let them burn away. All the parts are now at the sandblasters and the teardown phase is complete.